Terms and Condtions of Email2Verify.com

Security and Reliability
The security and reliability of the Email2Verify.com is our highest priority. Our software works hard to run a solid, hassle-free service.  
Accuracy of Email2Verify.com
Checking of email addresses is a complex process involving servers communicating with external mail servers. A program of this nature cannot be 100% accurate due to factors outside of our control such as:

  • Email server down or not contactable
  • No mail servers defined for a domain
  • Email server busy
  • Mail box is full / exceeds quota
  • Mail sever responds with incorrect data. Specifically, mail servers that are configured to always respond that an email address exists (whether, in reality, it does or not)

Other factors that can adversely affect accuracy include non-standard mail server implementations such as:
Incorrect Responses From Mail Servers
Some mail servers are configured to report “valid” email boxes regardless of whether they exist or not. These “false positive” results may indicate a mail box is valid when, in fact, it is not.
Examples of these types of mail servers include (but not limited to) some installations Microsoft Exchange Server. We do our best to identify these types of servers with a “Blocked/rejected” status but cannot guarantee that this flag is applied in 100% of cases.
In the case of these “false positive” results, the only way of establishing a mail box validity is by sending an email to the recipient and asking them to respond.
Issues With Various “Free” Web Mail Providers
The following web based email providers have been known to issue incorrect responses to our email checker. Examples of these are:

  • AltaVista
  • Yahoo
  • Hotmail / Live / MSN

You agree and understand that our Email Address Checking services cannot, therefore, be 100% accurate.
Issues with other mail providers or Internet Service Providers (ISPs)
Some email servers and/or ISPs implement extremely aggressive anti-spam policies. These policies can prevent our program from establishing the required network connection to allow email address checking. Where possible, we mark these services with a “blocked/rejected” status but cannot guarantee this in 100% of cases.

User Review

Thank you for developing such great tool that helps me improves my clients' contact list and removes bad email subscribers. It saved me from becoming a spammer. Thank you Thank you..

Tom Steward

    Compatible with Lastest OS

    works with win8 works on win7