Help Guide to use Dr Email Verifier

Here is the online help document to guide you how to use Dr Email Verifier. Dr Email Verifier is a simple to use email account verifier for you to check the validity of your assigned email addressees. Here are some detailed steps for you to use it.

Dr Email Verifier offers two modes for verifying email addresses: "Single Mode" and "Batch Mode".

Single Mode - check the validity of one email address

Step1. Download and launch Dr Email Verifier on your computer or laptop.

Step2. Paste/Fill in your email address in its “Single Mode” blank space; and the click the hook to verify.

fill in email address to verify

Step3. See the email address validity in real time.

Note: if your address is valid, the verifying result will be displayed as “OK”. And you are also suggested to “Retain” it. Sometimes, it will also show you some recent “interaction” information of this email.

If your address is not valid, the checking result will be displayed as “Bad”. And you’d better “Discard it”.

But, if there is something wrong with your single email address or it cannot be found, the verifying result will be displayed as “Checking Failed”. And you are also asked to “Recheck” it latter.

Batch Mode - Verify a Batch of Email Addresses

If you want to verify a batch of email addresses once at a time, Dr Email Verifier also can help you with its “Batch Mode”:

Step1. Select your local email address file to input the batch of email addresses at once. (Dr Email Verifier allows you to open many email address files with different formats: such as CSV, TXT, XLS and XLSX, etc.)

upload batch email address list

Step2. Cick "Verify All". (It will show you all the verifying results in seconds).

In this “Result” window, you also can freely apply its other useful features, such as importing some new addresses, export all your checked email address, delete/edit any unnecessary email address and find any needed email address by simply inputting a part of its name or address.


And then, after the verifying process, you can freely use or discard these email address as you wish!

PS: With Dr Email Verifier, you also can set this tool to fit your own personal use by simply clicking its “Options” button in its main Window.

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User Review

Thank you for developing such great tool that helps me improves my clients' contact list and removes bad email subscribers. It saved me from becoming a spammer. Thank you Thank you..

Tom Steward

    Compatible with Lastest OS

    works with win8 works on win7